Monday, November 10, 2008

Thanksgiving comes early.

I think I may be starting to feel a little better! I'm still stupid tired and my left arm isn't exactly up to par, but I've been walking reliably for a few days and my head doesn't hurt so much. My neck is still killing me and since the radiologist I work with said my most recent MRI of my neck was "pristine," I don't know what to make of the pain. My mummy is taking me for a massage tomorrow though so maybe that'll help. And one of my smartest friends (she's a RN, she knows what I REALLY need) got me a gift certificate to our chiropractor for several adjustments for my bird-day. He actually DOUBLED the number she paid for when he found out who it was for!

Actually, I got many well-suited gifts for my 30th. Several GOOD bottles of wine. Several massage gift certs. A tattoo gift cert. A calendar from my son so I can write everything down and not forget him at school again. (A million times I am so sorry E!!!) Nice, relaxing aromatherapy girly stuffs. I got several lovely meals out of the weekend and a party with all my nearest and dearest mates. I gave myself the gift of a weekend off from work, and it was truly and thoroughly cherished.

More significantly, I got some much needed attitude adjustments. Several things have come up to make me grateful for the following:

~I am quite happily and stresslessly married and not at all concerned about whether or not MY husband is cheating on me. This is not the case for everyone in my life.

~I am relieved to be "out of the closet" with my boss. She chatted me up at lunch today about trial MS treatments and nutritional supplements without her face turning purple like it does when she's stressed or faking control-of-the-situation.

~This video from Lazy Julie's blog gave me some much needed perspective. I must stop being a whiney assfuck even if only in my own head.

~Two officers from the local police department (who were not my brother) gave me a great deal of assistance with an unruly patient in the ER today. Thus renewing my faith in THE MAN, extending beyond THE MAN that is my little brother.

~My bestie is having a baby tomorrow. And since we are so close as to have matching moles, there will finally be a brand new turd squirter in the world that I will have full rights to sniffing and snuggling as often as I like.

~Blindbeard used the term "penis wrinkle" in a recent hilarious blog, and that always lights me up.

~My fave aunt (don't tell my other aunties) is in town and she's requested that I take her to both the ashram (read: interfaith spiritual commune) were my hubby grew up AND the local porn-super-store. How much fun is this week going to be?

~And finally, the Health Insurance Rapists have agreed to cover the Copaxone that I will be able to start tomorow since my preferred pharmacy has agreed to provide me with it instead of having to go the the "specialty pharmacy" at the local looney bin. Seriously, they're only open to the public for 2 hours, 1 day a week. I hear it stings like a bee, but it at least it won't be such an arsebite to get my hands on the shit.


Heather said...

Your birthday gifts sound exactly like what I hope to get on my up and coming 32nd birthday. I would love many, many bottles of wine, a massage and a tattoo. It sounds like you had a great birthday and made out nicely. Happy late birthday.

Thanks for the comment you left. There are so many wonderful people I've gotten to know through their blogs that I think it would be great if we could all meet someday. Everyone just has so many experiences and such wonderful advice.

Take care


Well la tee da and fiddlee dee! Sounds like the ol' birthday snaked it's way around the corner with some great times after all. Good to hear.

I can't even bring myself to say "congrats" on the Copaxone because of all it represents...but you know what I mean. :-)

Linda D. in Seattle

Abby said...

Great that you can get the Copaxone! And yeah, it stings, but it's over soon. Just grit your teeth and strengthen your filthy word bank!!

Bald Ben said...

Happy turns out you have the same birthday as my wife...go figure. Truth be told as hard as I tried it seems you had a more productive birthday, but hey what's a bald guy to do? Anyway, I have been on copaxone for three years now. Still trying to figure out if it is doing anything, but it is really benign. Some days it stings, but most days its no big whoop. The thing that sucks are all the calluses that I have built up. Sometimes I feel like I need a jackhammer to get it into a certain spot. The great thing though is no side effects. Avonex nearly killed me. I know what you’re thinking, but contrary to popular belief I am pretty tuff. I'm just skinny and bald. It throws the big guys off....Happy Birthday.


Congrats. Lots of great stuff here.

Tracys Ramblings said...

It's been three years since I've gotten myself a new tattoo. I think it's about time for a new one.
I just turned 30 in September! I wish people had showered me with gifts of wine and massage and tattoo certificates! Although, the hubs told everyone that I can't drink with the MS therapy I'm on and banned it so I guess that's why.
MS Therapies can really suck when you want some wine!

karen wynder said...

Congratulations on your sounds like you have some great friends! my favorite part of your post was "I'm still stupid tired." As someone who was recently diagnosed with MS (this year) I am always tired but I love how you combined it with the feeling "less than smart". Thanks for something fun to read...(awesome band list!)