Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I have MS and sometimes I like to bitch about it.

And sometimes I don't. I think I have something in common with other MSers, but I've never read a blog that expressed this particular symptom: I hate whining, but even more I hate feeling like a whiner. But then I also hate fatigue, numbness, being banned from hot baths, and stumbling over invisible objects left carelessly behind by the Embarrassment Elves (spiteful little buggers!).

Now, I know some may be offended by my reference to whining as a symptom, but whining is something I consider a symptom of the frustration that comes from your body not doing what you tell it to do. The overwhelming internet content regarding MS is dogmatic about the importance of maintaining a positive attitude while contemplating your fate status post Multiple sclerosis diagnosis. The only site I've come across so far with a healthy balance of comedy and cynicism is Multiple Sclerosis Sucks. Seriously, it's gotta be alright to vent in this forum, right? I mean, this doesn't count as whining if you can surf on by without being affected by my fleeting negativity. Sarcasm and satire are still the best ways to deal with stuff that sucks, aren't they?